AYME is organizing a conference in Freetown, in December 2017. This conference brings together Students, Universities, the Government of Sierra Leone and Companies that are Working in the Mining Industry to improve the communication among those players. The aim is to open up new possibilities and prospects for all three parties and make the economy of Sierra Leone more independent.




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Research Background:


Mining in Sierra Leone is an age-old activity, hence Sierra Leone is well celebrated for its high-value diamonds. For example, a 969.8-carat diamond was found in 1972, which was code named ‘Star of Sierra Leone’ .




The research was conducted in the Tankoro Chiefdom, Kono District, Sierra Leone. Since the 1930s, Kono has the largest diamond mines in the country. As, artisanal mining is very common in this community, it was chosen as the subject of research. The scope of research covered a total of 16 villages in the Tankoro Chiefdom which were randomly selected and visited by 8 teams of two researchers, respectively. The study targeted a total of 400 respondents (both miners and non-miners), which included parents, children, local authorities, CSOs, Government Ministaries, Departments and Agencies, as well as International Development Partners.




The research focused mainly on the causes of child mining, the impacts of child mining, the existing measure to address child mining in the Tankoro Chiefdom, as well as possible interventions.


In the area under concern, the main causes of child mining were poverty, illiteracy among parents, customs, personal decisions, and the nature of artisanal mining. Major impacts could be found in the fields of education, health, violence among children, sexual harassment and misuse, child neglect and malnutrition. 


The complete Research will be launched in April 2017. A preliminary summary can be downloaded here:

AYME Research Summary
AYME Research Summary.pdf
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